Join Anne Strickland for a NiSi Starter Session!   To get you started with your new NiSi Filters, Anne will customize a 3-hour Private Photography Workshop in and around a location near her home base at Birmingham, Alabama or other locations where Anne will be shooting which will be announced regularly on this page.   

The NiSi Start Up Session is for you if:

1.   You are interested in purchasing some NiSi Filters but not sure which filters to buy or have never used filters and want to try some out first.


2.     You are interested in increasing your creativity with filters, but not sure where to start, or you’d like to feel more confident with the filters you already own.


What you can expect:

1.    Learn how to use a range of filters to expand your creativity and capture the best results under lighting conditions during sunrise and sunset with a personal workshop with Anne. 

2.   Learn which filters you need to accomplish your personal photographic vision and to complete or get started on your personal filter kit.

Before we go on location, we will discuss where you are in your level of photography and what goals you want to accomplish with your NiSi filters so that I can best tailor your session to your needs.    Depending on your level, we will cover

  • Camera settings

  • Composition fundamentals

  • Exposure guidelines

  • Using live view

  • Using the histogram

  • Using ND filter, GND filters and Polarizers 

  • Calculating exposure times

  • Long exposure photography

  • Shooting horizons

  • Water motion

  • Night photography

  • Controlling light


How to set up your personal NiSi Starter Session with Anne:


Contact me directly so that we can discuss the date and location for your private workshop.   I frequently travel so I may be near a location where you would like to shoot or we can set up a date to meet in the Birmingham, Alabama area.     We can fine-tune the details and logistics for meeting up.   The Workshop can last any where from 1 - 3 hours depending on how much instruction that you need and location.   

Cost of the workshop starts at $125.00 an hour.   Once we have determined your needs, I will send you an invoice through PayPal or Venmo to secure your workshop.   

In Summary:

Your NiSi Filters are an investment in your photography kit that you will appreciate every time you use the filters in the field but they are only useful if you learn how to use them properly.   My goal is to show you how your photography can improve when you know how to properly manage light with filters and how creative you can become with using filters.   I use my filters all of the time and I look forward to showing you how NiSi Filters can take your photography skills to new heights!